Saturday, July 16, 2011

So Much To Share

I have so much to share.. I don't know where to So I decided I would time line the days and share the highlights =)
July 8- We were picked up in a limo at the Ronald House. We flew out from San Francisco. We were all so excited. Dylan didn't say anything until he got off the plane, but the flight made him have the worst headache yet. We took him to the Resort so he could rest for the evening.
July 9- LEGO LAND... He was up and ready to go earlier then we expected. We went on a morning walk and then to Ihop. It was so exciting to take him inside and watch him be excited about so much!! He wanted to go on rides, and play games. It was exciting. We met with my dear friend Cara. It was an amazing day!!
July 10- We went to the San Diego Zoo. It was incredible. So many beautiful animals.. We were amazed at everything our creator has thought of.. I type and smile to think of how he love us. The zoo was exhausting for him. After a couple of hours we went to the theater and watched Zookeeper. It was cute. He laughed a lot. It was a nice relaxing evening.
July 11- Sea world was awesome. We watched Shamu, and saw so many amazing sea creatures. We even went on fun rides that the whole family could enjoy. Moments we will cherish forever. Dylan and I went to sleep early this day. So daddy and Lyndi went and built a Sand castle on the beach =)
July 12- We went back to Lego land. We went on so many fun rides he enjoyed!!! We watched clutch powers in 4D...Super cool. He Pushed himself all day so he could do everything his heart desired. He is such a warrior.
July 13- Get up as a family to do a Sonrise walk. It was just wonderful to spend time together enjoying God's beauty all around us. We packed up and started to head to the airport. Throughout the week we checked with Dylan to see if he wanted to drive home..He didn't. The drive would be to long he said. Two hours before the flight. He bursts out in tears.."mommy I can't fly it hurts to bad." I let him know we will drive home. No big thing. It took us 12 hours with all of the stops. We would do it again in a heart beat. The time in the car was precious.
July 14- Have to go to the Doctor, pack up at the Ronald House, return our rental, pick up my dad from the airport, and go to Sacramento. We end up having an incredible dinner with our amazing family. It was such a great night. We really enjoyed being with everyone. Dylan was so happy to be with his cousins.
July 15- The kids, Josh, and my dad(Paul) go have breakfast at Josh's Aunty's house. . Then we went to lunch at the Spaghetti Factory..Dylan really wanted this for Then off to Redding. It was so nice to get here. We are so close to home. It's exciting!!!!
July 16- What can I say about this morning at Bethel....God is always working. His word is alive and active...It was exactly what we all needed. We got to meet up with some of our favorite peeps and got to meet a new incredible family. They were so on fire and in love with God. It was so wonderful to be part of. There doesn't seem to be words that really justify the experiences the Lord continues to bless us with. HOPE!!
So I know that is a rough breakdown of the last 10 days or so. I have wanted to share so many things on so many different occasions. My day just gets away from me, and before I know it I am going to bed. I think and pray for so many of you often. We can't wait to be home!! I also wanted to talk to the incredible people in our home town, and county. We will be home at the end of this weekend. We are excited to see so many of you. However, we do not want to overwhelm Dylan. So we hope to set up times that will work with his schedule and health. If you have cold, coughs, flus, rashes..etc within the last 72 hours we can't have you visit us. As soon as you are healthy of course you can. Dylan doesn't show a lot of expression, and is disabled at this point. He however has full mental capabilities. So please ask him questions and interact with him. He likes to feel as normal as he can. When we were on our vacation so MANY people stared at him. I understand kids...They are just so curious..The adults were the worst though. Please if you see him do not stare. It hurts him. I know we can't shelter him from everything. However, I can do my best to make this as easy as possible.
As I type this many incredible people in our community are attending, have put together, donated, shared, cooked, set up, I can't even name everything you all have done for us... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We can't express our gratitude. Your support has helped us everyday!!!! We just love you all!


  1. So happy to hear about your trip. We can't wait for you all to be at travels-as always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you all our love.

  2. So happy to hear about your trip. We can't wait for you all to be at travels-as always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you all our love.

  3. The Dylan Family,
    Thank you so much for the updates. I pray everyday for you all, mostly for peace that only our Father can give and the Holy Spirit to surround you always. I hope that I didn't overwhelm you all in Wal-mart. I could have just hugged you all, but I realized that you most likely wanted to get out of there and go home. My favorite part is when Dylan said "no" when I asked if he remembered me. Love the honesty. Mom you are an amazing woman and it's so clear to me that God loves you and just gushes out of you. Thank you again. Jeremiah 29:11
    Jacque - Librarian

  4. praying for you constantly. I am glad you are home. I am sending my love your way.

  5. You don't know me, but I read your blogs regularly. I am praying so hard for you. I couldn't ever imagine being in your shoes. My heart breaks for you, for your entire family. And, it broke when I read about your little princess's birthday and how you feel you let her down. What you are going through is unthinkable, how hard. I can tell God is embracing you minute by minute, holding you up, giving you strength.

    I don't know you, but I love who you are and I love your amazing mother's heart. Dylan is blessed beyond blessing to have you as his mommy.

    Renae Tolbert